Walk with Me
A Diocesan Prayer

Lord God, our light and our
we praise you for your gifts of
life and faith.

We thank you for the desire that
you have planted in our hearts,
our yearning to see your face.

Help us to meet you in prayer, to
walk in your ways,
and to speak to others of our joy
and consolation in your

Give us faithfulness in this
present life
so that we may come to know
and praise your beauty,
with all our brothers and sisters,
in the life to come.

We make this prayer through
Christ our Lord.

+Vincent Nichols
Archbishop of Birmingham

I invite you to walk with me
in a journey of prayer
during the weeks of Lent 2001.

Day by day we shall open our hearts to God.
God will prompt and guide us in this journey.

Let us pray now, today, for its success.

In Jesus Christ, God the Father of all,
open to us the treasures of life and truth.

Together let us walk with him.

+Vincent Nichols
Archbishop of Birmingham
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